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A consultant who can increase your sales.

I propose efficient solutions for all advertising and marketing activities of brands.


Internet marketing for law firms is a necessity in today’s fast-paced digital world. Effectively marketing a law firm online requires multiple factor, including a powerful website, well-maintained social media profiles, and effective advertising.


Financial services is a highly competitive field. Competition has become more challenging and exciting as the technology is infused and embedded deep into its ecosystem.


Due to the increasing competition in the workforce that has recently developed in information technologies, companies are advancing some of their duties by outsourcing. At this point, I contributed financially to many IT companies with efficient solutions.


Retail owners are active in many operational processes of their companies by nature. Therefore, it is important that the workforce is met by a consultant at affordable prices on digital platforms.

who am I

About me

I are here to manage your digital assets with experience.

Digital marketing consulting is basically defined as approaching the best marketing tactics to help businesses achieve their business goals online. Whether the business has a strategy or not, the job of digital marketing consulting is to analyze, research and create an effective marketing strategy. The main focus of consulting is to provide digital science and art by examining data and capabilities and to provide efficient and cost-effective ideas and tactics.

Digital Marketing Consulting Services – Process: Consulting services begin with analyzing your business goals and researching areas for improvement and creating a data-driven and cost-effective marketing strategy. My consulting foundation is built on designing a culture-based strategy based on business objectives, data analytics, in-depth market research, competitive analysis, and the online consumer journey. Providing comprehensive digital marketing consulting services for B2C and B2B businesses to establish their marketing presence in international and regional markets.

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Uğur Çiçek

Business Development Consultant


Practise Area

general counsel

Includes whole digital marketing processes


Search Engine Optimizastion consulting provides getting organic traffic from search engines.


Search  Engine Marketing gives fastest results to firms from search engines


Social Media Marketing gives fastest results to firms from social media sites.


Building and improving E-commerce systems.


Developing sale strategies for increasing revenue in most popular marketplaces.

Content Marketing

Creating originial contents with true strategies.

Online Sale

Coordanating sale and marketing teams, building a business development process.

Daily Conversions


Daily Sale


Successful Sites


Successful Firms



If you have no idea with your project, you can reach me freely


Why you should choose working with me?

Digital Marketing, Consultant, E-commerce, online sales

When you work with me you'll work with best.

Big companies have many internal processes like customer management , support operations or something like that but you can get faster solution while working with a consultant
While you working with big companies , you tell your problem to customer support personel who dont know your businesses but while you working with consultant, you tell your problem to your business manager
Companies, agencies , organizations just sell their products but when you need a guide , you need a consultant



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